North: Hard Rock Star Series, Book 1

North: Hard Rock Star Series, Book 1

I was a rock star in one of the most successful bands in the Miami area. I had money, fame, and millions of female fans – and then my world came crashing down.

I couldn’t believe it! I had to go to rehab “for my own safety.” Pffft!

Whatever. I’ll spend a few weeks doing some BS art projects and waste some time listening to a bunch of idiot addicts whine about how their parents never loved them.

Just my luck, while I was just chillin’, waiting for my dealer to find someone else to blame for his stolen stash, I met my hottest dream in the form of a counselor who wouldn’t just let me slide.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be in a worse situation, one little mistake – a little fun in the art room with this counselor, the hottest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on – and we were both thrown out.

To make things worse, the girl that I thought was my “hottest dream” became my angel. And I’m not about to let anyone – not even Big J and not even my own stupid messed-up self – ruin the little taste of heaven she gives me.

June 14, 2016