Why Your Presentation Sucks

Why Your Presentation Sucks

Develop powerful presentation techniques for any kind of public presentation. Many of us neglect the importance of storytelling in presentations. This book will introduce you to the most effective strategies and tips that can turn anyone into a persuasive and entertaining public speaker. After explaining what storytelling actually means in our lives and why it is essential to communication, this book will take you through a series of steps that can help you become a master storyteller and enchant your public.

This book draws on academic research to introduce you to the most effective antidotes to stage fright: Since many people experience stage fright when they have to speak in front of an audience, this book also addresses this major aspect of public speaking and provides you with consistent advice that can help you get rid of this problem. Stage fright is a natural phenomenon and many people have intensively researched it and discovered means of dealing with it. It also clarifies why losing stage fright and winning your public go hand in hand.

  • How to lose the stage fright!
  • Causes of stage fright
  • How to drastically reduce anxiety
  • What to do when you feel nervous before your presentation
  • Three infallible proven techniques to lose the stage fright
  • Practical bonus tips
  • How to win the audience!
  • Creating a “wow” story
  • How to impact the audience right from the start
  • Bonus tips on riveting storytelling technique
  • Keep the public hooked
  • What to do if you lose the audience
  • How to wrap up perfectly

This book is your ultimate guide to persuasive presentations, an irresistible persona, and powerful storytelling skills.

December 07, 2016